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I thought long and hard about what the hell to write on for my first blog and came up with a “Seinfeld” level idea. I have decided to write about….Nothing. I’ve always been a very opinionated person and in subsequent blog post, I’ll definitely be writing about specific ideas or topics but for this one let’s just get to know each other!

I’ve been producing music for a little over three years now and my journey has been a fun one. Music has always been something that was in my life for as long as I could remember and quite frankly, not sure where I’d be without it. I came up in New Orleans, LA and was surrounded by brass band music, Jazz, and Bounce so my palette and taste are eclectic. This comes out in the music I make because I am absolutely all over the place (as you’ll see in time). Coming from a DJ background first, making the switch to production wasn’t unnatural but there was a lot to learn (and still to learn). My first year was spent on You Tube and any books I could get my hands on. Since this was not really getting me anywhere, I did what every debt loving American would do; went to school! I’ve been working on my Associates in Music Production at the Los Angeles Film School for the past year and will graduate with the glorified High School Diploma in 2017. So far it’s been worth it because between school and my insatiable desire to be better than I was the day before have brought me here…..signed to a label, putting out music to the world, and sitting here talking to you! Outside of school and music, I really don’t have time for much else but when I do find myself with free time, I love to game. Fallout, NBA 2K, Star Wars Battlefront, Assassin’s Creed……I love it all. I try to stay fit and sexy AF too by running and hitting the gym but I slack at that some days. Still sexy AF.

I’ll leave you here now before this becomes a novel. One thing I want to do with this blog is leave with a quote to go forward on so for the first blog I want to leave you with the quote that motivates me the most! Until next time….Dream Big, then work like your life depends on it!

"By perseverance, study, and eternal desire, any man can become great."

General George S. Patton

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