• Brian Gaignard

A New Year

So here we are on the cusp of a new year and even though we haven’t been together long, let’s take a second together to appreciate another revolution of the earth around the sun! We’re all another year older, wiser, and hopefully a lot better off than when we started the year. The new year celebration is one of rebirth for some and marks a definitive point in our lives begins the unit of measurement to quantify change. It’s in this spirit that we make “resolutions” for the year, set goals for the upcoming fight ahead, and try hard as hell to stick to! In this spirit, I’ll share a few of mine with you! Just a heads up, we’re going to get a little personal here but bear with me, it’s a good thing!

  1. Drop all negativity in my life- In this short life of ours, we are surrounded by negativity in all forms. We can’t escape it. Because of this, why do we carry negative situations and negative people with us in our day to day? If I had “beef” with you or a problem came from a person in ’16….giving them the boot in ’17. This incudes knives that don’t cut well anymore, shirts with holes in them, and Full House episodes. No one needs to see more Kimmi.

  1. Social Media and with friends….Speak less, say less, ignore more- I’ll sum this one up pretty quickly because this could get out of hand if I get to writing about it in depth. Everything that’s said doesn’t need to be commented on, stop giving advice (even when it’s requested), and ignore the urge to say something when I see something off. This is all a part of number 1…..less negativity.

  1. No Fear ’17- This will be year for further musical exploration and getting completely off the reservation with projects. I always have a little trepidation when producing because I know that the stuff I make doesn’t really sound like the stuff that’s commercially viable or “club chic’”. However, I still make what I make and just keep doing me. This year, I produce without fear and just eliminate all care and concern when putting stuff out.

  1. 180 or bust- I’m currently a super sexy 205 lbs. and I want to not just get below 200, but smash it completely. 180 may be pushing it but in the past year I went from 240 lbs. to where I am now. Not bad right? I got this!

  1. Finish more songs- I can’t tell you haw many projects lie dormant on my hard drive. No really, I can’t tell you! It’s a lot. I want to complete a song, to include mix and master, every two weeks. Some of these projects won’t see the light of the dance floor but the practice alone will be valuable. The Russian military believed in the theory of saturation. Throw more men at a target until you break through…..I’m going to do this with music……and without those funny looking bear fur hats.

  1. Live Life- Life is too short for shitty people, shitty music, or shitty sex. My plan is to seek out the best and enjoy more times with friends, family, and play as hard as I always work. Easier said then done but with the right amount of planning, definitely doable!

So, I’m curious to know what you’ve come up with for the year so leave some comments and let me know! From my family to yours, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! Party hard and I’ll see you soon!

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