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Inspiration.....where it comes from

Todays topic is about INSPIRATION! This seems like a good time to plug my sponsor, "Inspiration Clothing".....check them out in the "links" section of the page! Nothing like shameless promotion! ANYWAY........What inspires me when I' creating.....From the sound the bus makes when it parks to a guitar riff from some unknown artist on poetry night that saw on You Tube, I find inspiration in all things. In my opinion, music should be a reflection of one’s life. The thoughts and ideas of that meander through my head during the day and the sounds of life around me becomes my music and I do my best to incorporate it all when I write. This is what makes music genuine and always a part of me. By tying my songs to life experience, I make them relatable to my listener’s who have gone through similar things or have had similar experiences. We share those feelings together through song and in that moment you're listening.....we are one. Music has the power to connect people and I want to make the music that allows you to connect with me. Good times and bad, happy or sad.....I want you to understand me through song, if no way else.

Even though real life is the basis for everything I do there are a few artists that inspire me through their music. For me, the ultimate goal is not to emulate their music but more so to one day have them call me their peer. To be accepted as a professional in their circles because to me, the level that they are on (in their respective genres) is the top. My top three are as follows:

Green Velvet

Green Velvet- “La La Land”

“La La Land” was one of the first track I ever really paid serious attention to from the House genre. It wasn’t the track that opened up the EDM door, but the one that made me say “I want to do THIS one day”. Also with Green Velvet being one of the few true “Superstars” in a business where not many African Americans find success is motivating as well.

RL Grime/Clockwork

RL Grime- Aurora

Clockwork- Champion

Being a multi-genre artist balancing an alias between both genres (House and Trap) RL Grime aka Clockwork is someone I’ve looked up to for years. Green Velvet is another artist with an alias but in my opinion, both of his aliases are followed by similar crowds. As for RL, this is not so. Carrying two different audiences and doing both on a high level are awesome to me and is something I want to do one day.

Dr. John

Dr. John-Right Place, Wrong Time

Dr. John is the quintessential New Orleanian. His music embodies the soul of the city and you hear it in every bar he sings. Being born and raised in the city of New Orleans, Dr. John’s music was some of the first I heard and he was the first artist I ever saw live (as far as I can remember). I want to carry the city on my back like he does and write with the soul of New Orleans on the tip of my pen. I should get some bracelets made; WWDJD (What Would Dr. John Do)!

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