• Brian Gaignard

What a Beautiful World

With all the stress from the election and COVID life, it’s hard to see the good in the world some days. No matter how we feel, we have to choose to see the beauty in the world. It’s all

around us! This week I had lunch with one of my favorite people out in Flint and came across the mural below. I’d been having a rough week and it might of been the first time that day I smiled. Now, I’ve been in Flint a lot and mat have walked past this mural 100 times. But that day, I chose to look up and see this beautiful little girl in a row of Sunflowers smiling at me. I realized in that moment that I’d been in a funk and that if just picked my head up, beauty and joy was right in front of me. We have to do that more often! As we roll into the weekend, I challenge you all...pick your head up, find the beauty around you....ENJOY IT!

Love you all! SBC

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